Quality Assurance

Genau Manufacturing Company LLP (GMC LLP) is defined by our idea of quality. We understand the fact that performance is directly related to quality. When the product fails to fit the purpose or fails to perform, it causes injury. That is not great news for brand reputation.

Therefore, we have a smart quality system in place to ensure that the products are market ready and functionally perfect.

Our quality-check process:

Visual quality check: Our visual quality check process s designing spot the defects in design features, visible imperfections and other mechanical damages that might hamper the performance of the products.

The visual assessment aims to look at the various aspects of the products to ensure that the products meet all the quality standards depending upon the type and their usage. Here are some of the quality parameters that we follow throughout the process.

  • Blisters and bubbles
  • Material Flow rate(MFR) and Moisture Test
  • Shrinkage test & Elongation Test
  • UV Radiation Test
  • Haze
  • Pummel Test &Transparency Test
  • Penetration Test
  • Impact Test
  • Stress raising cord
  • Chips, scratches and damages
  • Forming problems like checks and splits
  • Component interaction like glass and metal contact
  • Other strength reducing design features
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Perfection is our second nature: We have a highly advanced laboratory to carry out the quality check process. We make sure that all the products go through the complete process. We pay utmost attention to details so that we can eliminate all the manufacturing defects. We have won the best innovation new product award by Glass Bulletin in 2018 for our innovation and rock-solid quality.

If you are looking for a company that cares for the quality then you should consider us. We ensure that all the products are thoroughly checked so that our clients can have peace of mind as far as the performance is concerned. So, trust the ability of the best manufacturer in the market.